Tim Schafer is funny on Twitter, too

Posted June 5th, 2009 by William Willing

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It’s good to see that Double Fine’s upcoming game Brütal Legend is getting a lot of attention these days. The Double Fine people deserve it after way too little people played the awesome game Psychonauts. That game is easily one of my favourite computer games of all time. (The only reason it’s not on my list of favourite games is that I hadn’t played it yet when I put that list together.) Yahtzee likes it too, by the way.

So I hope Brütal Legend will be a huge success. There’s no doubt in my mind that it will be great, because when was the last time that Tim Schafer made a game that wasn’t totally awesome? Never, that’s when. A few days ago, he responded to questions of fans via Twitter. You can read the entire Q&A if you have some time to kill, but here are some of my favourite quotes.

Q: What kind of rating are you aiming for? T? M? E? Kids to Adults?!
A: Well, I’m not taking out the decapitation, so I’m thinking M. But you never know.

Q: Hey, Tim. How did you get the dialogue speed perfect in Day of the Tentacle?
A: We peeped through your window and watched your lips move!

Q: Give me 7 reasons for why I should play Brütal Legend. Also, will there be demo?
A: Jack. Ozzy. Rob. Lemmy. Lita. Decapitaion. Making-out. Maybe.

Q: This latest idea of yours… Riding up to our shareholder’s meeting with a gang of bikers? Who do you think you’re fooling?
A: The shareholders, sir. It’s good PR to be seen hobnobbing with real Corley Motors customers.

Q: The game is not going to have multiple endings, is it?
A: No, just one ending: You being the happiest game player of all time.

Q: why dont add a multiplayer to Brutal Legend… and make friends play the campaign??? its cool for me if u ask
A: We do have multiplayer, and it’s awesome. I can’t make your friends play with you though.

Q: What does your mind look like? I can’t look into it from here.
A: I tried to look at it just now and it kind of hurt my eyes to look back that far. I think you broke my eyes. Luckily, I am a touch-twitterer.

Q: did jack black have to get into a motion capture suit?
A: http://bit.ly/44aJO

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