Other web sites by me

  • Casual Game Design – My blog on game design. There is useful information here for anyone in the business of creating computer games.
  • Trichromix – The web site for the first game I created as an independent developer. If you can’t resist a good challenge, definitely give Trichromix a go.

Blogs of independent game developers

Blogs about software development

  • Joel on Software – Joel Spolski likes to tell everybody why they are doing software development in the wrong way. You might not always agree with what he’s saying, but you must admit that he makes you think.
  • Martin Fowler’s bliki – Martin Fowler is the guy who wrote some very valuable books about software patterns, like Refactoring and The Other One. On his blog, he discusses trends and patterns he encounters as a software developer. In case you’re wondering, a bliki is a combination between a blog and a wiki, but in practice, it’s just a blog.
  • Eric Sink’s weblog – Eric Sink is the owner of SourceGear, an independent software company that builds source control software. He has written some good articles about being an independent software vendor. He especially talks a lot about the business side of things in a way that a computer programmer can understand. He seems to be laying low of late, but he has a large backlog of fine articles.
  • Smart Software - Wesner Moise is someone who definitely knows what computer programming is all about. His musings on programming and business are often very educational (even though I doubt that’s really his intention :-)).
  • The Daily WTF – There are some pretty bad computer programmers out in the wild. Funny.

Blogs and web sites of interest to independent game developers

  • IndieGamer forums – The place to meet a lot of colleagues and to discuss everything related to developing games on your own.
  • GameTunnel – The place to go if you want to learn about the latest indie games. And let’s face it, if you’re an independent game developer, you should at least play a few of colleagues’ (or competitors’, depending on your point of few) games each month.
  • GameZebo - A web site with professional reviews that deal with casual games exclusively.
  • Jay Is Game by Jay Bibby – Jay Bibby reviews casual Web based games on his blog. A great way to keep up with the games that are available on the Web.
  • Video Game Marketing by Joseph Liebermann – Sound advice about marketing your video game on your own.
  • Game Producer by Juuso Hietalahti – Clear and practical tips on producing your own computer game.
  • Make It Big In Games by Jeff Tunnel – Interesting views on the indie game development scene by one of the guys behind GarageGames.

Blogs that don’t fit in the other categories, but that you should just read

  • Let the good times roll by Guy Kawasaki – Anyone who is running his or her own business or is thinking about it should read this blog.
  • Creating Passionate Users by Kathy Sierra – Providing you with a better way to think about your customers.

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